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Cassidy and The Music

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With over one million copies of her first release her credits will astound you- be ready to be wowed!


1999-2008 Lead Singer and composer of all female rock band Antigone Rising


Cassidy has toured with THE ROLLING STONES and AEROSMITH.


Cassidy has has sung with rock icons from GREG ALLMAN to STEVE PERRY of JOURNEY. 




Cassidy is  the MODEL and face of SEVEN JEANS in both print and television campaigns.


ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE has also featured Cassidy several times.


Much of her spare time is devoted to ENVIRONMENTAL CAUSES such as her most recent stint in Louisiana, where she joined the 2016 Elmer's Island Expansion Project ensuring the safety and preservation of nesting endangered birds. Her SOCIAL ACTIVISM spans more than a decade and includes championing several WOMEN'S ISSUES as well as marching on Washington and local City Halls for LGBTQ legislation and equality.


OVERCOMING Eating disorder

Growing up in a predominantly white, New Jersey community, Cassidy felt different. All of the girls at school had soft, silky hair, Cassidy’s was coarse and curly. Their bodies were long and lean. Cassidy’s was thick and rounded. Cassidy’s features were fine and angular like the the other girls, her skin was fair but no matter how hard she tried her body always looked big by comparison. It felt like a failure.

Cassidy was adopted as a baby and although she wouldn’t learn this until many years later, her birth Father was African American. She did have one thing over the others however. Cassidy could sing. It was the one magic trick she had to become visible. She decided this would be her life’s chosen path.

Entering the highly competitive entertainment industry in New York and Los Angeles brought even greater pressure. Had she known back then that her curves and curly hair were a result of her heritage it would have been understood and accepted. Even celebrated. But as far as everyone was concerned Cassidy was white and should look it. That meant skinny. Very skinny. It meant soft, flat ironed hair, and wearing tight clothes that were feminine and pleasing to men. But she wanted to be a famous singer, so that meant she had to look the part.

When Cassidy signed her deal with Atlantic Records her dreams were coming true. The first meeting at her record label was held in a large board room full of executives. The first order of business;

Putting Cassidy on a diet.

It was decided that meals would be delivered to her apartment every week in perfectly small portions so Cassidy could be marketable in a media-driven industry. They also paid for a personal trainer for her to go to every day. Cassidy complied and it worked. Her curves straightened out so she could fit into those skinny jeans that all of the beautiful girls were wearing. Her body continued to shrink and the positive feedback to grow. It was addictive.

When she would attend a function with her band, the label President would admonish her to stay away from the catering table. She always did. Eventually, Cassidy got used to eating such small meals and to being hungry. Then she started thinking if she could eat so little and be okay then maybe she could eat even less. Three meals turned to two, then to one, then to skipping a day of eating altogether. Then diet pills to help with feelings of hunger.

Success came and success went. But Cassidy’s ability to starve herself sustained. Eating became the way she rewarded herself and then reason for punishment. And no matter how thin she got she still looked in the mirror and saw a fat girl.

Over-exercise and lack of nutrition wreaked havoc on her body and mind. She began to isolate herself and detach from people close to her. She was obsessed with food, it was all her mind could think about. She had terrible mood swings and eventually developed an autoimmune disease that began ravaging her body with painful swelling from head to toe. Soon the very thing she did to gain her career, took it away from her. Cassidy left her band and began to put her life and health back together.

Eight years later Cassidy no longer suffers with a negative body image. She eats when she wants, as much as she wants and enjoys exercise as a health routine and not as punishment. It was a long process and many helpful tools along the way to cobble together her life now. Self-love and acceptance and by surrounding herself with positive people whom she can trust have been a few things that pulled her through.

But sharing her experience, strength and hope with others who live in the shadows of eating disorder and body dysmorphia has been the key to what she now sees as her greatest success.









Her SONGWRITING CREDITS appear on tracks for, pop star, DEMI LOVATO, rock sensations, MOUNT HOLLY BAND, and popular Swedish recording artist, TOMMY BURR as well as on multiple song placements in film and television. Her solo project, "CASSIDY AND THE MUSIC" released it's third album, "What Is REAL." on April 2016. Her STARRING ROLE this past Summer in Hollywood, California as "Tabitha" in the multi-media rock theater piece, "PARALLEL WORLDS" received stellar reviews that highlighted Cassidy's electric and compelling performance.

1999-2008 Lead Singer and composer of all female rock band Antigone Rising


Cassidy has toured with THE ROLLING STONES and AEROSMITH.


Cassidy has has sung with rock icons from GREG ALLMAN to STEVE PERRY of JOURNEY.