Jane Condon


Comedian and mom JANE CONDON lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, but she’s still a nice person. She has two teenage boys, otherwise everything’s fine. Since she’s from a blue-collar town in Massachusetts, she likes to make fun of Greenwich. The Associated Press has dubbed her "an uppercrust Roseanne" and The New York Daily News calls her "the J.Crew mother of two." She loves to tell stories about her adventures (mostly survival tales) with two teenage boys.

Condon was named one of 10 Comedy Best Bets in Back Stage’s annual comedy issue (2001). She has appeared on ABC-TV’s "The View" and Lifetime TV’s "Girls’ Night Out."

She is the grand prize winner of  the 2004 Ladies of Laughter Contest!

Tony Rock


Born in the same Brooklyn New York hospital where most of his seven brothers and one sister found their way into the world, Tony Rock, not to be confused with his favorite wrestler, was born laughing. Being the fourth child of Rose and Julius Rock, Tony had a natural knack for entertaining (just like his brother Chris). He had to stay alive. Decatur Street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood where he grew up, was one of the toughest that New York had to offer. It also provided a host of rich characters on which to draw.

Tony has been performing for the last two years. After just six months in the business, his first booking on the road led him to Amsterdam. Upon returning to New York, Tony gained a reputation as a young star in the making. The Hollywood Reporter recently picked him as one of the hot young talents to come out of New York. Since then, he's become bi-coastal. When in New York, he's a regular at the world famous Comic Strip, Caroline's and Stand-up New York. When in Los Angeles, he's a regular at the Comedy Store, Improv and Icehouse and he headlines at The Laugh Factory.

Recently, he completed his first movie, Meter Maid, for Wesley Snipe's movie company. Besides touring the country, a professional highlight for Tony was headlining with Mark Curry and John Henton at Harlem's world famous Apollo Theater.

Val Kappa


Val Kappa was voted "Class Clown" in high school, which was weird since she was always a bit on the shy side.

During her freshman year at Emerson College in Boston, she took an acting class, where she wrote and performed a comedic piece she had written herself, called, "Uuna Goes Sledding". It earned her an "A", and some laughter. That summer she started to perform her Uuna character at comedy clubs and other venues in Boston. It was the perfect way for her to start out doing comedy. She got to see what it was like to perform at clubs, but under the safety of hiding behind a character. Part of the act consisted of Uuna trying to train herself for dealing with tough crowds. For this Uuna would ask the audience to heckle her, then she would throw a candy called "laffy taffy" at them in retaliation. After a year of buying large amounts of laffy taffy and wearing a snowsuit, Val decided to try something new…being herself. It was getting too hot to be wearing the snowsuit in the summer, anyway. So, she started to show up at clubs and campus functions reading shorts stories she had written. She did that for a year, then switched to doing straight stand-up. Since then Val has developed an act that draws from her life.

Val graduated from college in May 2000, then moved to New York in 2001. Getting a majority of her stage time at alternative venues, Val found her comedic voice and was able to evolve her act into one that plays well just about anywhere.

Val has performed at the Boston Comedy Festival and NY Underground Comedy Festival. She was also the voice of Clarice on the cartoon “Home Movies” that was on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Recently she appeared on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend”.

These days she performs all over America at colleges, clubs and other venues.

Chris Clobber


Chris Clobber is a stand up comic, actor and writer. If hundreds of comics marched down the street Cris would turn left! His hilarious style of humor sets him apart from the average stand up. Unusual, fresh, and entertaining, he is consistently rebooked wherever he performs. Cris Clobber receives standing ovations across the country 42 weeks a year.

Cris Clobber is a versatile performer. As well as writing for film and television, Cris writes for the top name performers in Las Vegas and Hollywood . This year he appeared in numerous commercials and “Malcolm in the Middle” on FOX television. He has been seen on A&E, ABC, CBS, NBC, Showtime and Comedy Central.

Darren Carter


HIGH ENERGY, affordable with LOADS of Credits and APPEALING to a MULTITUDE of AUDIENCES. 

Named Comic of The Year at the LA Comedy Awards

Hulu, Netflix, Showtime Special, The Tonight Show, Chelsea Lately

As soon as Darren Carter takes the stage he unleashes a captivating flurry of impersonations, observations, and off-the-wall social commentary that is a comedy experience unlike any other. From foster kid to funny man, Darren found comedy was his ticket to cope with what life threw him. His contagious charm and vivid imagery paints a picture that is both relatable and one of a kind--no wonder critics nationwide are calling his act 'one of a kind' and 'a must see'.

After being spotted by hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg for his dead-on impersonations of the rapper, he has performed multiple times at Snoop’s annual family reunion.

After rocking the stage for over 20,000 fans at the nation's largest comedy concert--LA's prestigious Power 106 Comedy Jam--Darren was immediately dubbed a fan favorite and has been asked to return once again and bring the funny alongside the biggest names in comedy including Carlos Mencia, Lisa Lampanelli, Russell Peters, and Katt Williams.

Follow Darren at




Darren can be seen on “Chelsea Lately” on E! and “Comics Without  Borders” on Showtime. TV appearances including Comedy Central's 'Premium Blend', BET's 'Comic View', 'The Tonight Show' , and a regular guest on 'Comics Unleashed.  Other highlights include: Showtime, Comedy Slam,  LA's Comedy Jam, Colleges, Clubs, BET, HULU, CBS, Comedy Central, Sirius/XM, Rhapsody Pick of The Week

His critically acclaimed comedy album 'Shady Side' is available on iTunes, as is "This Gingers Crazy".  Featurered on Showtime's 'The Comedy Slam' and as a regular host out on National Lampoon's College Network.

He has performed all over the world and is a fan favorite at the nation's most prestigious clubs including the Laugh Factory, Hollywood Improv, Comedy & Magic Club and The Ice House.

Michelle Balan


Michele Balan is a classy woman with attitude. Sometimes the class has to move over for the attitude. She was a finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and titleholder of "Last Woman Comic Standing." Michele was voted one of the “Top 10 Comics” by Backstage Magazine. The San Francisco Bay Times also placed her on their national Top 10 and Broadway World honored Michele at number two in their Top 10 List of cabaret performers.

Michele headlines around the country at leading comedy clubs, festivals such as Montreal’s “Just for Laughs,” corporate events, JCCs, country clubs, on cruises, and more! She is appropriate for all audiences...well, maybe not children's parties! She has appeared several times on The Joy Behar Show, and has numerous appearances on HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, Byron Allen's Comics Unleashed, and recently on NBC’s The Today Show. Along with her stand-up, Michele writes for many well-known comedians and is a contributor to a variety of magazines.

Often told she was naturally funny, this Brooklyn native left a high- paying executive position at a computer company to pursue comedy and has been performing ever since.

What people say...

“Fabulous! You are what a comedian is all about.” – Jason Alexander "Dynamite" -Cindy Adams The NY POST

"As part of the Nantucket Comedy festival, Balan had the full house in stitches." -Nantucket Mirror

"Michele Balan is on a roll, there is no stopping her!" -The Friars Club

"You know what I dislike about stand-up comedy—there’s too much standing.” -Michele Balan


Last Comic Standing,  Montreal’s “Just for Laughs,”  The Joy Behar Show,  HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, Byron Allen's Comics Unleashed, NBC’s The Today Show.

John Roy


The son of an ex-Jesuit and a psychotherapist, John Roy was determined not to repeat his parent's career choices. The fortunate recipient of life saving heart surgery, John felt he should return the blessing he received to the world, by telling jokes in boozy nightclubs.

John grew up a Chicago city boy in the bizarre neighborhood of Rogers Park, where he learned to make people of all races and religions tolerate an obnoxious white kid. After perfecting his mastery of the Atari 2600 while enduring eight years of Catholic school, John felt ready for new experiences.

His family moved to Evanston, where John’s exposure to diversity continued. Evanston High School was the most integrated school in Illinois, and John was fortunate enough to study at the feet of the African American masters of the lunch table insult. He spent his college years at Loyola University. A charming but underachieving frat boy, who led three rock bands to failure by the age of 22, John had little prospect for gainful employment. Finally, he listened to his inner voice, and began to frequent Chicago’s open mic scene. Within weeks, he was entertaining dozens.

John began his professional career at the famous Zanies comedy club on Wells St. in Chicago’s Old Town. He went on to tour the country’s best clubs, including the Laugh Stop in Houston, and the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, where John earned a regular spot in 2002. In 2003, he appeared on the CBS television show, "Star Search", and won the first championship, earning 100,000 dollars and a development deal with CBS.

Since then he has appeared in the prestigious US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, as a square on "Hollywood Squares," and will appear on HBO this fall. John is now a regular at the Comedy and Magic club in Hermosa Beach and the Improv in Los Angeles.

John is instantly likable on stage, and has a laid back conversational style that audiences find comfortable and hilarious. The audience feels like they are hanging out with John, not watching a performance. John’s material is original. His unique observations on contemporary culture, childhood, racial tolerance, and the media are punctuated by energetic character voices, clever dialogue, and, when absolutely necessary, the occasional bit of singing. John Roy is a solid CLEAN comedian who is a constant repeat.

Louis Johnson


Louis Johnson "A family man with serious personal issues" has been seen on Comedy Central, B.E.T., Showtime, A&E, and his own SHOWTIME Comic of the Month Special. He's been featured at the Annual Las Vegas Comedy Festival and the Annual New Orleans Comedy Festival.

He's a regular on U.S.O. World Comedy Break Tours, entertaining the troops overseas since 1995. Italy, Albania, Greece, Iceland, England, Scotland, Hungary, Belgium, Croatia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Macedonia, Bosnia, Panama, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Korea and Alaska (yeah yeah yeah it's not overseas, but as long as it takes to get there it should be!).

He won Showtime Networks Funniest Person in America contest. Declared the winner after a nationwide phone-in vote! He won cash (long gone) and a cable special (which aired for a month--hence the title Comic of the--well you get it). He's also a regular headliner for cruise ships and corporate events across the world.

The Denver Post states that, "Johnson is a polished performer with dynamic delivery."; The Atlanta Journal calls him "..a keen chronicler of society."; The Indianapolis News says, "His jokes make fun of life's everyday occurrences that break all racial and economic barriers."; The Rocky Mountain News chimes in with, "..he is a comedian with graceful physical skills and has the ability to wander into tough subjects and still get a laugh."; The Honolulu Star Bulletin states that "Johnson is just serious enough to give the audience something to think about."; and The Boulder Daily Camera simply says "There was only one difference between us: He was funny - very funny."

Billy D Washington


“Low-key intensity and dead on humor” is how the Denver Post described Billy D. Washington. His clever but quirky approach combined with his undeniable skill as a pianist has made Billy D. Washington a formidable force in the world of stand-up comedy.

After a 5-year stint as a Houston Police Officer, he followed his heart, took to the stage and has since assembled a pretty impressive body of work for this part-time church musician and full-time national Headliner.

Billy has a college show, performing arts show- Hue-more Comedy in Full color and has just begun touring his gospel play FINDING FIRST LADY

Billy has been featured at the prestigious 'Just for Laughs' Comedy Festival twice, HBO Aspen Comedy Festival and for 3 years traveled with The Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin as her opening act. He has also appeared on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Last Comic Standing, The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Bob and Tom radio show, and spent time on VH-1 as a host and on-air personality. In 2008 he was identified as one of the most diverse comedians in America by the NBC stand-up for diversity initiative, and is the creator of the critically acclaimed S.E.L.L.O.U.T. Comedy Tour, a group of talented black comedians who challenge America to resolve racial differences one joke at a time.

Billy was recently asked  what inspires him to do comedy...

"I am inspired to move people. I grew up as the adopted child of my favorite preacher, my Dad. My Mom was the quintessential preacher's wife and everything we did encompassed inspiration, motivation and the occasional need to entertain. On countless Sunday mornings I sat at the piano in my Dad's church and watched people in awe as he delivered his sermons. His context was bible based and his presentation was captivating. He would integrate humor into traditional Christian teachings while delivering a message that was succinct, accurate and heartfelt. As a Police Officer, I worked a part-time job as security in a comedy club in Houston Texas. I watched countless comedians from a barstool in the back of the room, moved by guys like Tim Allen, Dana Carvey, Steven Wright and Mark Curry as they practiced the same sort of audience mastery as my Dad had years earlier. They made people not just laugh but think, they crafted obscure references and related them to the relatable, while cheering up the downtrodden and allowing their crowd to consider the humor in abstract perspective. I want to inspire in the way that my Dad did, along with the countless comedians of whom I watched in that comedy club. I don't look for the easy punch line. I aspire as a comedian to find the obscure nuance in simplicity, while still being my audience’s performer for the evening, and a figure of quiet complexity that they will not soon forget."


Billy is currently touring his one-man show entitled, "Hue-more, Comedy in Living Color" which debuted at the historic Thalian Hall, Wilmington, NC. on January 9th 2010.

Montreal Comedy Festival, BET, VH-1, Def Comedy Jam, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Bob and Tom Radio

Vince Morris


Thanks for a GREAT show on Saturday night... I know I had a great time, and the students have been talking about it all weekend!  You were a great sport - and I think that keeping it very real with the students was most appreciated - and damn funny! Dean of Students, Dominican College


Two programs- Comedy and/or  R.S.V.P.- Reality of Stereotypes Versus Perception a Diversity Lecture 

Vince Morris is surrounded by ignorance everyday, and is afraid he is the only one who sees it. With his smooth charismatic style, this Columbus, Ohio native delivers passionate views on race, family, relationships and life. Vince brings his audience into a world where the ignorance we accept daily is challenged by his dangerously funny and controversial material. the best way to describe Vince Morris: "If Malcom X did stand-up comedy."

When asked if Black athletes advertising shoes are role models; Vince responds, “I don’t give a damn what kind of shoe an athlete wears…what kind of shoes do Black surgeons or lawyers wear? What shoe is Johnny Cochran advertising? Now that’s the commercial! When you can get a brother off of a double homicide and the whole world knows he’s guilty- that is a bad ass shoe!”

Vince’s voice is strong and spreading quickly, hitting the road headlining at comedy clubs, theatres, and colleges around the country. Now a Los Angeles resident, Vince has flourished into television on such shows as Comedy Central’, The Late Late Show, NBC’s Friday Night, Premium Blend, BET’s Comic View and HBO. Vince has also been featured at  the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival and U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado.


Vince Morris provides an even bigger departure from the “Def Comedy Jam” norm. Bespectacled and soft-spoken, he neither looks nor sounds like the stereotypical black comic, and that in a way is the point of his very smart act.  New York Times

Your thoughtful, timely presentation was critical to fostering discussion about issues facing or community and to promoting action strategies we can implement as we continue to move forward.  For that we thank you!  Diversity Conference Planning. City of Hopkinsville, KY

It was this "edgy" material that got people laughing. "I thought it was wonderful," said a freshman.

One of his jokes was about how he is disgusted by the fact that white CEOs think that the only way to market to young African-Americans is by having music in the background of the commercial, no matter what they are trying to sell.Westminster College- Utah

 Available for solo date, or with three others in S.E.L.L.O.U.T. , plus lectures.

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