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BAND of MAGICIANS had quite an amazing limited run in Las Vegas.  JAMES GALEA, STUART MACCLEOD, JOEL WARD and BRETT LOUDERILK were quite the team.  Funny and Engaging and by the end of the run a packed house.  What will be next?!

From Las Vegas Review Journal- Aug. 22, 2016 ...So the question to this group is, “Is a band of magicians like a band of musicians, in that they need to rehearse and work together to become a cohesive unit?”

Collectively, the answer is, “Yes. Absolutely. One hundred percent.”

This is how the “Band of Magicians” hits the Strip. The foursome of James Galea, Joel Ward, Brett Loudermilk and Stuart MacLeod opens at Tropicana Theater on Oct. 26. Tickets, from $39 to $99, go on sale Monday morning (go to or call 800-829-9034).

Breathlessly billed as “The World’s First Magic Supergroup,” the performers will work in the 7 p.m. slot Wednesdays through Mondays.

“Families do come to Las Vegas and they want entertainment,” Ward says. “When you reach a whole family, yes, it can work, even with all the competition.”

Says Galea: “When we came out in Australia, I was surprised at how many families came out with kids under the age of 5, and they absolutely will come back again. We can appeal to a kid who is 5, or adults who are 35 or 50, who enjoy magic on a different level.”

The goal is to mesh the guys’ well-honed performances with their engaging personalities.

“We hope people can identify with four normal dudes on a stage that are doing things that are remarkable,” Loudermilk says. “You’re watching that happen, while thinking, ‘I want to be friends with those guys.’..

From the OZ Tour:

Five Stars- TIME OUT!

Sold out in NEW ZEALAND! 2015 Arts Festival "Magical genius bringing joy to the audience"

SOLD OUT- 2 Weeks Sydney Festival

2015 Melbourne FANTASTIC Repsonse!

"Band of Magicians ramp up the smile dial. Looking more like Gap models than sparkly Vegas performers, the quartet Band of Magicians is a new breed of abracadabra... they love magic and they use their powers for good, not evil"- Herald Sun

Each member's fierce sense of one-upmanship drives the whole Band of Magicians to new, increasingly impossible feats, creating magic that draws on their collective talents, far surpassing what one magician can accomplish alone. Keep your wits about you for this one. It's awe-inspiring entertainment from the finest magic specialists around.


SOLD out shows- The Sydney Festival 2014

Melbourne Crowne 2015

Sunrise TV

From Australian Stage: As if they stepped out of a fashion catalogue, the quartet who compose Band of Magicians – created by Australia's #1 Magician James Galea –the group look, talk and act completely different than any other visual illusionists out there.

With the exception of the intro, the show was devoid of stereotypical laser, smoke and half naked magician’s assistants, it was obvious that Band of Magicians was going to take an alternate route to entertaining an eagerly awaiting Melbourne audience.