John Roy

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The son of an ex-Jesuit and a psychotherapist, John Roy was determined not to repeat his parent's career choices. The fortunate recipient of life saving heart surgery, John felt he should return the blessing he received to the world, by telling jokes in boozy nightclubs.

John grew up a Chicago city boy in the bizarre neighborhood of Rogers Park, where he learned to make people of all races and religions tolerate an obnoxious white kid. After perfecting his mastery of the Atari 2600 while enduring eight years of Catholic school, John felt ready for new experiences.

His family moved to Evanston, where John’s exposure to diversity continued. Evanston High School was the most integrated school in Illinois, and John was fortunate enough to study at the feet of the African American masters of the lunch table insult. He spent his college years at Loyola University. A charming but underachieving frat boy, who led three rock bands to failure by the age of 22, John had little prospect for gainful employment. Finally, he listened to his inner voice, and began to frequent Chicago’s open mic scene. Within weeks, he was entertaining dozens.

John began his professional career at the famous Zanies comedy club on Wells St. in Chicago’s Old Town. He went on to tour the country’s best clubs, including the Laugh Stop in Houston, and the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, where John earned a regular spot in 2002. In 2003, he appeared on the CBS television show, "Star Search", and won the first championship, earning 100,000 dollars and a development deal with CBS.

Since then he has appeared in the prestigious US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, as a square on "Hollywood Squares," and will appear on HBO this fall. John is now a regular at the Comedy and Magic club in Hermosa Beach and the Improv in Los Angeles.

John is instantly likable on stage, and has a laid back conversational style that audiences find comfortable and hilarious. The audience feels like they are hanging out with John, not watching a performance. John’s material is original. His unique observations on contemporary culture, childhood, racial tolerance, and the media are punctuated by energetic character voices, clever dialogue, and, when absolutely necessary, the occasional bit of singing. John Roy is a solid CLEAN comedian who is a constant repeat.