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Comedy, Diversity, Greek Life, Lecture, Military, Orientation, Performing Arts
Parkland Survivor, Taylor Morales
civic engagement, Greek Life, Lecture, social sciences
Ventriloquist Rey Ortega
Comedy, Diversity, Lecture, Orientation, Performing Arts
ANT gay comedy, lgbt, addictions, Gay PRIDE
Comedy, Diversity, Health and Wellness, Lecture, LGBT, Orientation, Suicide Prevention
John Waters photo credit  by Greg Gorman
Censorship, Lecture, LGBT, Performing Arts
Jane Elliott diversity, eye of the storm, Angry Eye, Brown Eye BLue Eye
Diversity, Lecture
Cindy Kaza medium
Lecture, medium, novelty, supernatural
Bruce George
Censorship, Diversity, Education, Lecture, Poetry, Pop-Culture
Diversity, Education, Lecture
Caryl Stern LaRosa UNICEF, women in leadership, diversity,higher education
Diversity, Education, leadership, Lecture, Orientation, women's issues, world issues
Vince Morris
Comedy, Diversity, Lecture, Military, Performing Arts
Carolivia Herron
afro-judaic, author, Censorship, culture, Diversity, Education, Lecture
Matt Weinstein Humor in the workplace
Business, Corporate, Education, Health and Wellness, Lecture
Jen Chapin
Education, Lecture, Performing Arts
Rich Kiamco
Comedy, Diversity, Diversity, Lecture, LGBT
Martha Curtis
Corporate, Health and Wellness, Lecture, Performing Arts
MIchael Belmear, educator, diversity speaker
Diversity, Lecture