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James Galea- Magic
Comedy, Corporate, Magic, Military, Performing Arts
Tom DeLuca college hypnosis
Comedy, Corporate, Greek Life, Hypnosis, Magic, Orientation, Performing Arts
Comedy, Diversity, Greek Life, Lecture, Military, Orientation, Performing Arts
Ventriloquist Rey Ortega
Comedy, Diversity, Lecture, Orientation, Performing Arts
Darren Carter, comedy rapper, chelsea lately
CLEAN, Comedy, Corporate, Diversity, Military, Performing Arts
Psychic road show
healers, mediums, para-normal speakers, Performing Arts, psychics
Tammy Pescatelli
Comedy, Military, Performing Arts
John Waters photo credit  by Greg Gorman
Censorship, Lecture, LGBT, Performing Arts
Faye Lane's Beauty Shop Stories
Corporate, Military, Music, Performing Arts
Rondell Sheridan- clean comedy
Comedy, Corporate, MC, Military, Performing Arts
LOL logo
casino, Comedy, Corporate, country clubs, Military, Performing Arts, theatres
Jen Kramer Got Magic
Magic, Performing Arts
Urban comedy, thinking comedy
Comedy, country clubs, Diversity, Military, Performing Arts
GE Smith
Performing Arts
Vince Morris
Comedy, Diversity, Lecture, Military, Performing Arts
Comedy, Diversity, Military, Performing Arts
Louis Johnson
Comedy, Diversity, Military, Performing Arts
Jen Chapin
Education, Lecture, Performing Arts
Avi Liberman clean comedy, Jewish comic, Hillel, shows in Israel
Comedy, Diversity, Hillel, Jewish, Military, Orientation, Performing Arts
Martha Curtis
Corporate, Health and Wellness, Lecture, Performing Arts
Three Jokers
Comedy, Diversity, LGBT, Performing Arts
Band of Magicians
Casinos, Family Entertainment, festivals, interenational, Performing Arts, theaters