Rock Star Resident: Palisades' Barbara Meyer

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Barbara Meyer (Carucha L. Meuse/The Journal News)

Barbara Meyer (Carucha L. Meuse/The Journal News)

Peter D. Kramer

Twenty-five years ago, Barbara Meyer left New Line Cinema's lecture division and struck out on her own into the realm of the professional agent.

Now her company, Admire Entertainment, has clients who include up-and-coming "Last Comic Standing" comedians ANT and Dat Phan, "Hairspray" filmmaker John Waters and "Sexually Speaking" lecturer Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

Her first client, Playfair — created in 1976 by Matt Weinstein — takes ice-breaking, problem-solving fun to college campuses and corporate retreats.

Meyer and her tiny staff oversee it all — the bookings, the flights, the personal appearances, everything — from a tiny cottage in Palisades.

"It's our comedy cottage, a true cottage industry," jokes Meyer, sitting behind a tidy desk in front of a well-worn fireplace.

She has lived here — with her husband, art dealer Michael, and now-college daughters, Meredith, 20, and Lizzie, 18 — since 1993 and has run Admire from the cottage across the brook since 1998.

"I like to think of myself as a comedy maven," she says. "All of the heavy hitters you've seen on TV, at some point have crossed our threshold."

She prides herself and her tiny agency on personal service.

"I'm sort of their wacky mother who sees that they're taken care of," she says in an accent that identifies her immediately as a Long Islander.

(She's from Lawrence, one of the "Five Towns.")

Ten things you might not know about agent Barbara Meyer:

1. Her clients regularly stay at her home when they're in the New York area.

"They call it Chez Meyer," Meyer says. "We have a guest room set up, and people know exactly which drawer is theirs."

2. When she's cooking, she's like Edward Scissorhands.

"I love to chop," she says. "It's very relaxing. I'll chop and they'll start chopping and they all get a hot meal."

3.Jen Kober, who starred as a lawyer on HBO's "Treme," shot a cooking show in Meyer's kitchen.

"She's a great chef, and we wanted to do a comedy cooking show, so we shot a pilot here that we've been shopping around."

4.Barbara Meyer is a "food pusher."