As experts in the college market we are a natural liaison for the company that wants to make an impact in that target market. Our sponsorship clients have included DuPont, Glaxo and Ortho Pharmaceuticals. Reaching 100 of 1000’s students each year we can place ideas, products and branding in this arena. Corporate sponsors have used us to build community relations in the medical and industrial workplace as well.

Corporate Sponsorship Case Studies

DuPont & Bill Demby

DuPont & Bill Demby - Admire EntertainmentWhen the DuPont Company needed to improve their public image they produced a Clio award winning commercial featuring our client, BILL DEMBY, and his remarkable story of the abilities of the disabled. Following the commercial, DuPont hired Admire to coordinate extensive outreach to communities across the country. We reached war veterans in hospitals, to college students; to line workers to CEO’s of other Fortune 500 companies. Why Admire? Because we were hands on, we were cost effective and just like the subject matter we were accessible.

Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals & Dr. Ruth

Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals & Dr. Ruth - Admire EntertainmentWhen Ortho Pharmaceuticals wanted young college age women to become aware of a new product and also be more aware of personal safety they hired Admire to produce a college touring show called “Funny Business”, women in comedy plus relationship advice with DR. RUTH.

GlaxoSmithKline & Martha Curtis

GlaxoSmithKline & Martha Curtis - Admire EntertainmentWhen competition amongst pharmaceutical reps closed more doors than opened, GLAXO used our client, MARTHA CURTIS, who had been featured on 60 minutes as their spokesperson. As a classical violinist suffering from epilepsy a now famous surgery plus a Glaxo drug enabled her to be seizure free.  Again, Admire was hired to coordinate outreach to both the medical, corporate and college market- sharing the benefits of the science of Glaxo and their commitment to improving lives.