Ladies of Laughter


Ladies of Laughter is a comedy tour featuring some of the funniest women in comedy today as chosen by audiences and entertainment industry executives at comedy clubs nationwide through the Ladies of Laughter Contest.   It includes comediennes who have appeared on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, Women’s Entertainment Network, Nickelodeon, in national commercials and at top comedy clubs and casinos nationwide.  Our show is so popular we are invited back to many theaters year after year-some even 2 and 3 times a year! 

2018 ERIN JACKSON is named Ladies of Laughter Winner

The 2018 Winners in New York named Erin Jackson as the winner in the Professional category and Olga Namer in the Newcomer Division.  Carol Burnett was also honored with the first-ever LOL Spirit Award for her inspiration to women in comedy.  Past winners, Kelly MacFarland and Jane Condon were honored with LOL Spirit Awards for their support of so many women in the field.  

Ladies of Laughter originated in 1992 when the Mary Jo Comedy Award was established in honor of Mary Jo Wobker - a New York area comedy booker who supported many women just starting out in comedy.  Since then, it has launched the comedy careers of countless women and continues to serve as THE SOURCE for women in comedy.

Our Ladies include, Tammy Pescatelli, Jane Condon, Leighann Lord, Dena Blizzard, Amy Schumer, Chris Rich, Melissa Rauch, Jessica Kirson, Kelly MacFarland, Alycia Cooper and countless others.


Stand-up comedy is a tough job, but these ladies are at the top of their game!

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You were great and lit up the crowd full of comedic energy, I loved the acts of the 3 Women ( and the women were so funny they let me laugh and interact with them) I loved the entire show. Westchester  Community College, NY

The Ladies have been a goldmine for my box office, as well as a joy to work with.  We make money and our audiences are thrilled.  not too raunch, not too prim...just right!"  -Goodwill Theatre

Faye Lane


in conjuntion with SC ENTERTAINMENT

Faye Lane's Beauty Shop Stories 

wins the prestigious

Bistro Award for Musical Comedy!

Officially published! Her flight attendant story is featured in the book The Moth, which was released by Hyperion on Tuesday.

Faye Lanes "Beauty Shop Stories". It's  the glittered-up memories of a  Green Bean Queen in bedazzling story and song! Rhonda Faye Gunnels grew up in her mama’s beauty shop, Casa Vale Beauty Salon which was an old A-Frame house converted into a salon, with big mirrors and swivel chairs in the front room and shampoo bowls in the old back bedroom. On the front porch was a fat little girl in a glittered-up Burger King crown, practicing her beauty queen acceptance speech and dreaming of being a star of the stage!

“That girl belongs on Broadway!” Joan Rivers

The Dallas Morning News just called Faye “simultaneously hip and down-home.  Her 90-minute performance recounts a series of delicious tales from Lane’s childhood and early career.” 

Admire presents in conjuntion with SC ENTERTAINMENT

Bio to cut and paste

FAYE LANE is a writer and performer whose unique blending of story and song
moved *New York Magazine* to gush, "She had them gobbling from the palm of
her hand. They were howling, crying, falling in love with her." She has won
the Moth Story Slam, hailed by *The Wall Street Journal* as "New York's
hottest, hippest literary ticket," in both New York and Los Angeles, and
her autobiographical stories can be heard on NPR's Cityscapes and The Moth
Radio Hour. *Faye Lane's Beauty Shop Stories*, a chronicle of her childhood
in a Texas beauty salon, was the recipient of the 2010 Overall Excellence
Award from the New York International Fringe Festival, 2011 Bistro
Award for Best Musical Comedy and the 2011 MAC Award for Outstanding
Special Production. The show is currently in it's second year of residence
at the legendary SoHo Playhouse in New York. Faye has performed around the
world, including at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival and the
Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.


 The Dallas Morning News just called Faye "simultaneously hip and down-home. 

Her 90-minute performance recounts a series

of delicious tales from Lane’s childhood and early career."

“That girl belongs on Broadway!” Joan Rivers

"Endearing and soaring voiced – a real standout" Backstage


“They were howling, crying, falling in love with her.” New York Magazine


"I would go see it, by all means. It's a great show!” Time Out NY


“A Texas rose that keeps on rising!” AOL’s City’s Best


"Fabulous and chic in black dress and cowboy boots, [Faye] still has the sparkly eyes of that precocious little girl in her bedazzled Burger King crown" D Magazine (Dallas, TX)

"In an ideal world, she and the show would win an award every day for the rest of her natural life."

"Put your faith in Faye Lane, one of New York’s most beloved and respected storytellers."  Show Business Weekly  

"Finding out how the dreams of a chubby outcast were achieved by the charming dish you see on the stage is what gives this solo performance its angel wings." Downtown Express

“A luminous storyteller and singer who will charm your socks off - and possibly give you a MoonPie to boot! Hilarious and unforgettable.”

“The hottest, sweetest, funniest, award winning show. This is why Broadway sometimes makes a star out of a solo performer.” The Villager

"A little show with a big heart, “Faye Lane’s Beauty Shop Stories” is an irresistible treat."

“Lane relates her journey with extraordinary wit, charm, and subtle power, resulting in a performance that's unforgettable.” Hy Reviews

"Hilarious stories" Faster Times

 "In a category of her own" Chelsea Now

 “Rich with characters and detail, she draws the audience into her world. We laugh and cry with her...” Bust Magazine

"An unexpected emotional journey of faith. The hour flew by and this reviewer left wanting more." Edge



Over 400 shows every year!!!

PLAYFAIR, winner of the NACA Novelty Entertainer Of The Year Award is the #1 freshman orientation program on college campuses today. PLAYFAIR reaches out to audiences, celebrating the diversity of each and everyone of us in an atmosphere of non-competitive play allowing new students to meet one another in a very positive and supportive environment. It has been proven that laughter and play help the body stay healthy. Playfair has taken their college show and brought it into corporate America. Playfair has been featured in People magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and featured on a PBS special. PLAYFAIR is a great program to have outside, it works equally as well in a large indoor space. Give your incoming freshman class a gift they will always remember.

PLAYFAIR is the most popular campus attraction in history for New Student Orientation Programs.

After you've booked your event, you can order your
Playfair tees

Playfair Tee Shirt

Martha Curtis


Martha Curtis has an amazing story of love of music and the determination to be seizure free by convincing a team of doctors to remove much of her right brain. Martha Curtis is a concert violinist who learned how to co-exist with epileptic seizures even from the stage. Curtis suffered from epilepsy all her life. She began playing violin at age 9 and managed to graduate as salutatorian from the Interlochen Arts Academy and graduate with honors from the Eastman School of Music. Although experiencing seizures regularly, she was able to perform as a professional musician with various orchestras. The other musicians, she says, knew what to do if she experienced a seizure.

At universities throughout the US Ms. Curtis combines music, video, drawings of the brain systems, her own personal brain scans and her inspiring story. She uses Brahms and Solo Bach to make clear her understanding of the inner landscape.

Music is so much more specific than words. This presentation has been done for various classes in conjunction with the Lecture Recital during visits to many college campuses. She has also presented at neuroscience and epilepsy conferences worldwide.

Martha appears regularly on recital and lecture series, with orchestras, and as a guest teacher. Her classes include Psychology, Neuro-psychology, Education, Philosophy, Violin Master Classes, and Leadership Conferences. Because she knows her own medical case well and can perform in both words and music, she brings to stage unique insight from the inner world of the human being.

Darren Carter


HIGH ENERGY, affordable with LOADS of Credits and APPEALING to a MULTITUDE of AUDIENCES. 

Named Comic of The Year at the LA Comedy Awards

Hulu, Netflix, Showtime Special, The Tonight Show, Chelsea Lately

As soon as Darren Carter takes the stage he unleashes a captivating flurry of impersonations, observations, and off-the-wall social commentary that is a comedy experience unlike any other. From foster kid to funny man, Darren found comedy was his ticket to cope with what life threw him. His contagious charm and vivid imagery paints a picture that is both relatable and one of a kind--no wonder critics nationwide are calling his act 'one of a kind' and 'a must see'.

After being spotted by hip-hop superstar Snoop Dogg for his dead-on impersonations of the rapper, he has performed multiple times at Snoop’s annual family reunion.

After rocking the stage for over 20,000 fans at the nation's largest comedy concert--LA's prestigious Power 106 Comedy Jam--Darren was immediately dubbed a fan favorite and has been asked to return once again and bring the funny alongside the biggest names in comedy including Carlos Mencia, Lisa Lampanelli, Russell Peters, and Katt Williams.

Follow Darren at




Darren can be seen on “Chelsea Lately” on E! and “Comics Without  Borders” on Showtime. TV appearances including Comedy Central's 'Premium Blend', BET's 'Comic View', 'The Tonight Show' , and a regular guest on 'Comics Unleashed.  Other highlights include: Showtime, Comedy Slam,  LA's Comedy Jam, Colleges, Clubs, BET, HULU, CBS, Comedy Central, Sirius/XM, Rhapsody Pick of The Week

His critically acclaimed comedy album 'Shady Side' is available on iTunes, as is "This Gingers Crazy".  Featurered on Showtime's 'The Comedy Slam' and as a regular host out on National Lampoon's College Network.

He has performed all over the world and is a fan favorite at the nation's most prestigious clubs including the Laugh Factory, Hollywood Improv, Comedy & Magic Club and The Ice House.

Rondell Sheridan


If You are OVER 40 and You Know It Clap Your Hands is a non stop celebration of life, love and laughter told by a master storyteller, that will have you laughing at yourself.

When your theater or corporate event is looking for FUNNY and CLEAN and RECOGNIZABLE plus AFFORDABLE don't go any further!!

From the Tonight Show  to several Showtime comedy specials to many, many, many appearances on Comedy Central. Rondell has been called one of the fastest comedy minds, when it comes to audience participation, in the business. Always funny, and never at a lost for words his clever take on everyday situations keeps audiences rolling.

Perhaps best know as the fun loving dad, Victor Baxter, on Disney’s long running series “Thats So Raven”, when you look at him, your lips naturally edge closer to your ears. Maybe it’s his open, inviting eyes; maybe it’s his big, easy smile. Or just maybe, it’s because over the last decade or so - whether Rondell’s acting, hosting, or doing stand-up - you’ve laughed every time you’ve seen him.

As a stand up comedian, Sheridan transforms ordinary occurrences into hilarious and hearty tales. In an age where stand-up is under attack for its bawdy content, Sheridan disarms his audiences with a wholesome ease - a mixture of playful physicality, facial expressions and a gift to continually shift comedic gears and personas.

Born and raised on the South side of Chicago, Sheridan attended Marquette University in Milwaukee as an Interpersonal Communications major with a minor in Advertising. After college, he went with a gut feeling and schmoozed his way into an audition with the prestigious New York acting school Circle in the Square. With raw talent and a little good fortune, the novice actor was accepted to the program. He spent one year at the school honing his acting skills before moving on to perform in repertory work, regional theater and off-Broadway productions. The high point of his early career was creating a character in the original off-Broadway production of Leslie Lee’s “Between Now and Then.”

Sheridan then became a fixture on the stand-up circuit, headlining in clubs, colleges and on international cruise liners. He appeared on “The Tonight Show” with both Jay and Johnny, “The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show,” “The Conan O’Brien Show,” “Politically Incorrect,” starred in cable specials for both Showtime and Comedy Central, co-created the TV series MINOR ADJUSTMENTS , the first and only primetime series to premier on one network – NBC - then be sold and aired on a second - UPN - during the same TV season. Sheridan portrayed a child psychologist, who was the voice of sanity amongst his dysfunctional co-workers, family and friends.

Rondell has also co-hosted the syndicated talk show series MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS, and stars on the syndicated series THAT’S FUNNY.

Put it all together, and you have one of the most popular comics of the Millennium.

Thank you for providing us with a top-flight comic to perform at the Holly Springs Cultural Center. Rondell’s performance was funny and entertaining and he had no problem engaging members of the audience as part of his routine and his story-telling.

Reviews for his comedy CD A BANANA AND A GUN:

Customer Reviews

Too funny!!

The title alone would suggest that Rondell is a nut, but he's a very clever nut! This CD will keep you laughing throughout, and for days after. I highly recommend it!

What comedy should be

Rondell's latest project is wonderful. I'm almost willing to offer a money back guarantee. He has the innate ability to take everyday circumstances and objects, and create comedic brilliance. He says the stuff we all think. He even says the stuff we wish we were creative enough to think. Something is clearly wrong with him, but that's what makes him so hilarious.

The way comedy used to be

I remember listening to comedy records as a kid. I would listen over and over again, each time laughing more than the time before. Then I got Sirius/XM radio and started listening to the comedy stations. I laugh once in a while, but a lot of the stuff just isn’t that funny. Rondell’s work is the real thing - this album is smart and clever, but wicked and biting in just the right amount. I keep playing it for friends and laughing all over again and I even had a person at a red light ask me what I was laughing so hard at. I love this album. This is some funny s*&t!


HIghlights include: The Tonight Show, Craig Ferguson, Showtime, HBO, Comedy Central, Disney, ABC, CBS, NBC, Montreal, Chelsea Lately,

Matt Weinstein


Matt Weinstein, CPAE, is the founding president of Playfair, Inc., an international consulting company that presents innovative team building programs for more than 400 clients each year. His PBS television special "Fun Works!" brought Matt national acclaim as a pioneer in the field of experiential team building. Matt's dynamic keynote presentations come with an astounding money-back guarantee: if Matt does not get a standing ovation at the end of his program, you do not have to pay his fee!

Matt Weinstein will help you to energize your workforce, reduce stress on the job, and build an enthusiastic team. Matt's long-term partnerships with companies like AT&T, IBM, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers have helped them reward, retain, and revitalize their key employees. Matt will motivate and inspire your employees to be more productive, and will teach them how to create a corporate culture of support and celebration at work. And most importantly, Matt will show your people that work can be fun!

Matt Weinstein is the nation's foremost authority on the use of fun and humor in team building. Drawing on his own experience as a company president and twenty years of research by the Playfair organization, his presentations are rich in content and alive with humor. Matt believes that team building is not just a concept – team building is an experience. So all of Matt's keynote presentations include dynamic audience interactions as an integral part of the lecture program.

If you're looking for something more than a lecture – if you're looking for a high-energy, audience-involvement keynote presentation that will leave the participants leaping to their feet in wild applause – then you're looking for Matt Weinstein.

James Galea


"He's different from other magicians, he's NOT creepy!" ELLEN

" I am gobsmacked. He's VERY good...VERY talented" Sir Richard Branson- Virgin Air

"Standing ovation! ..we had a great night tonight, James was amazing!"- Melalueca -the Wellnes Company

"1000 people in the audience, best show ever"- Augustana College

James Galea is Australia's number one magician. Constant television appearances (including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, TV’s 50 Greatest Magic Tricks, TODAY, Morning's with Kerri-Anne, Good Day LA, The Footy Show), his own series Urban Magic and his recent role starring in the Discovery Channel series Breaking Magic have seen James in constant demand in his home country and internationally both in the corporate arena and touring as a headliner world-wide (including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The World Famous Hollywood Magic Castle & The Melbourne International Comedy Festival).

James is an award-winning magician, writer, songwriter, director and producer. He resides in both Los Angeles and Sydney where he chases the sunshine (and rainbows).

What makes James Galea unique?

James Galea is vastly different to the stereotypical 'pull a rabbit out of a hat' magician - he breathes new life into the dying art of magic and trades the traditional rigid tuxedo and stiff top hat for a pair of sneakers, jeans and a tee shirt. Energetic and effortlessly cool, James presents the art of magic with a wicked sense of humour disarming audiences with his youthful charm and astonishing them with his talent.

James started learning magic at age 14 from someone he thought was a magician. He later found out that his mentor moonlighted as a professional con man who cheated in high stakes poker games. While his colleagues were learning how to make hankies disappear from old magic books Galea learnt how to deal aces from the bottom of the deck from a professional card shark.

It was in the field of close up magic that James' unique talent was discovered. His charismatic performances soon attracted notice and at just 19 years of age, James was awarded 'Australia's Best Close-Up Magician'.

In 2009 after sell-out seasons Australia-wide of his live show I HATE RABBITS, James took to the stage as an actor starring in LYING CHEATING BASTARD, a play he co-wrote about Australia's most successful conman. The critics were unanimous in their praise for the play and Galea's performance and the show have toured internationally.

Galea produced and starred in the large scale BAND OF MAGICIANS Tour which sold out  The Sydney Festival and toured throughout Australia and New Zealand with a special Las Vegas run. With he new show "Poof" James rocked the Melbourne international comedy festival and has had international success with his TV special "Best Trick Ever"

Tom DeLuca


Voted Entertainer of the Year for 4 years by colleges across the country, Tom DeLuca opens the windows to the imagination by combining the power of suggestion with his volunteers' innate creativity. Tom was also voted Performing Artist of the Year.  From small private colleges where 100's attend to large university where more than 7000 fans flock to see him on a regular basis at the University of Virginia, Tom DeLuca is the biggest draw on college campuses.

The Tom DeLuca  Show is often imitated but never replicated- all hypnosis shows are not the same. 

Tom is Original, SAFE, Educated(masters in psychology) and always innovative.

National media agree that DeLuca presents hypnosis like no one else in the world!  He is the only college performer to be featured on NBC's "Dateline" as well as the front page of The Wall Street Journal. His appearance on daytime talk shows; Maury Povich, CNN, MTV, Showbiz Today, ABC News, PBS's Charlie Rose Show; and feature articles in Rolling Stone and People magazines.  DeLuca is the only hypnosis show that is popular and appropriate for both college campuses and the general public.

What sets Tom's show apart from others is that it gives the audience insight into common traits that we all share. "His approach is to forgo the gimmickry in order to reveal the fun and wonder hidden in the attics of his volunteer's minds. There are moments of joy and happiness on stage" (Rolling Stone Magazine). With Tom's show, hypnosis truly goes beyond entertainment--to reveal how powerful people's imaginations can be.

"The results of Tom's show are fascinating, hilarious, at times even poignant. Don't miss him" (The New York Post).

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