Performing Arts

Rey Ortega


Rey Ortega’s Comedy Ventriloquist show will leave your audience with smiles on their faces and wanting for more! Rey’s performance, technique and showmanship is like no other. From the moment Rey’s characters hit the stage you will believe that they are real as they deliver a triple threat performance of comedy, music and even dance! Rey builds all of his own unique characters and his cast continues to grow. Rey’s performances range from squeaky clean to PG-13 with just enough spice to keep it fun.

From southern California, Rey incorporates his native American heritage, his Hispanic Heritage and Southern California creativity into his shows for a wide variety of audiences.  With his life long love of puppetry and ventriloguism his style is comedic story telling using his puppets to engage the audience. 


From Disneyland, to Cruise ships and Performing arts stages.   Performance credits

Los Angeles Museum of Natural History
Gene Autry Museum of Western Heritage
Pechanga Pow Wow
UCLA Pow Wow
Sacramento Convention Center
Los Angeles Convention Center
Elementary Schools throughout California
University of San Diego

The Prescott Resort Casino, Prescott Arizona
Harveys Resort Hotel and Casino Lake Tahoe
Caesars, Lake Tahoe Reno Hilton,Busch Gardens
City of Hope, Century City, ChicagoGolden West College,

Downey Civic Theatre, Cypress College,

Mc Callum Theatre Palm Desert,

The Orange County Fair, LA County fair, The Date festival, Indio Calif.

Jenniffer Weigel


Dead People Are Dying To Talk To YOU!

Americans spent $2 billion dollars on psychics in 2016, which is up 2.4 percent from the previous year according to research company IBIS World.
This topic isn’t only popular with women. Research from the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums in New York states that 39% of men and 69% of women admit to consulting a psychic/medium.  The usual age range for men who visit psychic mediums is 27-54, while the range for women is 21-60.

Jenniffer is an award winning broadcast journalist based in Chicago. She hosts “Conversations with Weigel: A Live Series Exploring Spiritual Enlightenment,” at the Wilmette Theatre, where she interviews authors and gurus from across the country once a month. Her podcast “I’m Spiritual, Dammit!” is on WGN-Plus

She won an Emmy for her on-camera reporting for CBS and has also worked for ABC, NBC, WGN (TV and radio) and WLS (radio.) After her father died of a brain tumor, she decided life was too short to shiver on an overpass reporting, “It’s cold outside. Back to you.” She started her own production company and hosted the Emmy nominated food and wine show called “Taste” which aired on NBC – Chicago for two years.

Jen also worked as a reporter and columnist (“Lessons for Life”) for the Chicago Tribune from 2010 to 2015, where she covered business innovation, the “Remarkable Woman” beat, lifestyles, travel, and food. She also helped launch the Tribune’s video department.

Her real love is adding humor to life’s tragedies through her writing. She’s written four books: “Stay Tuned”,“I’m Spiritual, Dammit!” “This Isn’t the Life I Ordered” and “Psychics, Healers and Mediums. A Journalist, a Road Trip and Voice from the Other Side.”

She is available for media coaching, event hosting, comedy and public speaking, and now runs Weigel Productions, which creates videos and TV shows.

Jenniffer (yes, there are two f’s because her mom tried to be original) is also a fan of visiting book clubs.  The show is flexible as it can be produced thru your venue or as a small rental and Jenn and co. will do the rest.  She is also available to tie in with local book clubs.

Jen Kramer


Jen Kramer is magic. She turns the impossible into the impossible-to-ignore – and always does it with a smile.

She enamoured PENN and TELLER on TV's "FOOL US" as she will your audiences.

Magic legend David Blaine called Jen “hugely gifted” and described her as “one of the most talented and most promising young magicians anywhere.”

One of America’s most celebrated young magicians, Jen has been wowing audiences around the globe for over a decade with her contagious smile and world-class sleight-of-hand. A recipient of the prestigious Merlin Award, Jen was named 2016 Female Magician of the Year by the International Magicians Society. She currently headlines her regular show at Wyndham’s Grand Desert Resort and Marriott’s Grand Chateau in Las Vegas. Jen graduated with honors in Theater from Yale University, where she served as Founder and President of the Yale Magic Society. Her performances are full of comedy, audience participation, and jaw-dropping fun.  As a fun fact, in addition to English, Jen speaks French, Spanish and Swahili and has performed magic in all of these languages.



BAND of MAGICIANS had quite an amazing limited run in Las Vegas.  JAMES GALEA, STUART MACCLEOD, JOEL WARD and BRETT LOUDERILK were quite the team.  Funny and Engaging and by the end of the run a packed house.  What will be next?!

From Las Vegas Review Journal- Aug. 22, 2016 ...So the question to this group is, “Is a band of magicians like a band of musicians, in that they need to rehearse and work together to become a cohesive unit?”

Collectively, the answer is, “Yes. Absolutely. One hundred percent.”

This is how the “Band of Magicians” hits the Strip. The foursome of James Galea, Joel Ward, Brett Loudermilk and Stuart MacLeod opens at Tropicana Theater on Oct. 26. Tickets, from $39 to $99, go on sale Monday morning (go to or call 800-829-9034).

Breathlessly billed as “The World’s First Magic Supergroup,” the performers will work in the 7 p.m. slot Wednesdays through Mondays.

“Families do come to Las Vegas and they want entertainment,” Ward says. “When you reach a whole family, yes, it can work, even with all the competition.”

Says Galea: “When we came out in Australia, I was surprised at how many families came out with kids under the age of 5, and they absolutely will come back again. We can appeal to a kid who is 5, or adults who are 35 or 50, who enjoy magic on a different level.”

The goal is to mesh the guys’ well-honed performances with their engaging personalities.

“We hope people can identify with four normal dudes on a stage that are doing things that are remarkable,” Loudermilk says. “You’re watching that happen, while thinking, ‘I want to be friends with those guys.’..

From the OZ Tour:

Five Stars- TIME OUT!

Sold out in NEW ZEALAND! 2015 Arts Festival "Magical genius bringing joy to the audience"

SOLD OUT- 2 Weeks Sydney Festival

2015 Melbourne FANTASTIC Repsonse!

"Band of Magicians ramp up the smile dial. Looking more like Gap models than sparkly Vegas performers, the quartet Band of Magicians is a new breed of abracadabra... they love magic and they use their powers for good, not evil"- Herald Sun

Each member's fierce sense of one-upmanship drives the whole Band of Magicians to new, increasingly impossible feats, creating magic that draws on their collective talents, far surpassing what one magician can accomplish alone. Keep your wits about you for this one. It's awe-inspiring entertainment from the finest magic specialists around.


SOLD out shows- The Sydney Festival 2014

Melbourne Crowne 2015

Sunrise TV

From Australian Stage: As if they stepped out of a fashion catalogue, the quartet who compose Band of Magicians – created by Australia's #1 Magician James Galea –the group look, talk and act completely different than any other visual illusionists out there.

With the exception of the intro, the show was devoid of stereotypical laser, smoke and half naked magician’s assistants, it was obvious that Band of Magicians was going to take an alternate route to entertaining an eagerly awaiting Melbourne audience.

Ladies of Laughter


Ladies of Laughter is a comedy tour featuring some of the funniest women in comedy today as chosen by audiences and entertainment industry executives at comedy clubs nationwide through the Ladies of Laughter Contest.   It includes comediennes who have appeared on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, Women’s Entertainment Network, Nickelodeon, in national commercials and at top comedy clubs and casinos nationwide.  Our show is so popular we are invited back to many theaters year after year-some even 2 and 3 times a year! 

2018 ERIN JACKSON is named Ladies of Laughter Winner

The 2018 Winners in New York named Erin Jackson as the winner in the Professional category and Olga Namer in the Newcomer Division.  Carol Burnett was also honored with the first-ever LOL Spirit Award for her inspiration to women in comedy.  Past winners, Kelly MacFarland and Jane Condon were honored with LOL Spirit Awards for their support of so many women in the field.  

Ladies of Laughter originated in 1992 when the Mary Jo Comedy Award was established in honor of Mary Jo Wobker - a New York area comedy booker who supported many women just starting out in comedy.  Since then, it has launched the comedy careers of countless women and continues to serve as THE SOURCE for women in comedy.

Our Ladies include, Tammy Pescatelli, Jane Condon, Leighann Lord, Dena Blizzard, Amy Schumer, Chris Rich, Melissa Rauch, Jessica Kirson, Kelly MacFarland, Alycia Cooper and countless others.


Stand-up comedy is a tough job, but these ladies are at the top of their game!

Call for Ladies of Laughter events and comedy workshops




You were great and lit up the crowd full of comedic energy, I loved the acts of the 3 Women ( and the women were so funny they let me laugh and interact with them) I loved the entire show. Westchester  Community College, NY

The Ladies have been a goldmine for my box office, as well as a joy to work with.  We make money and our audiences are thrilled.  not too raunch, not too prim...just right!"  -Goodwill Theatre

Avi Liberman


Avi Liberman's quirky style has made him a favorite in comedy clubs from Los Angeles to New York. Born in Israel, raised in Texas, having gone to college in New York, and now living in Los Angeles, his style is a winning combination of life experiences and topical issues told through a varied blend of characters and voices with worldwide expertise.  He is CLEAN, SMART, and naturally funny.

Avi has performed stand-up comedy on CBS's "Late Late Show" with Craig Ferguson on Comedy Central's "Premium Blend" and "Make Me Laugh" as well as NBC's "Friday Night!" His acting credits include "Dave's World" CBS, "Boston Common" NBC and "Andytown U.S.A." Comedy Central.  Avi can be seen regularly on E! as one of their frequent guests on their very popular countdown series. He has also guest starred on "Movies At Our House," as well as having shot a pilot titled "Through the Keyhole" both on AMC. He has also been heard on radio stations across the country.

A successful commercial actor, Avi has appeared in spots for "Mercedes," "L.A. Cellular," "Miller Lite" and most recently "Starbucks" and "Net Zero." He has appeared at the prestigious Montreal Just for Laughs Festival.Since 2001, Avi has successfully arranged widely acclaimed stand-up comedy tours in Israel to help boost morale while donating all of the proceeds to a charity. The successful "Comedy For Koby" tour is now a bi-annual event, benefitting the Koby Mandell Foundation.


The Late Late Show, NBC, CBS, E! Network, Premium Blend, Comedy Central, Andytown U.S.A., Boston Common, Dave's World

Faye Lane


in conjuntion with SC ENTERTAINMENT

Faye Lane's Beauty Shop Stories 

wins the prestigious

Bistro Award for Musical Comedy!

Officially published! Her flight attendant story is featured in the book The Moth, which was released by Hyperion on Tuesday.

Faye Lanes "Beauty Shop Stories". It's  the glittered-up memories of a  Green Bean Queen in bedazzling story and song! Rhonda Faye Gunnels grew up in her mama’s beauty shop, Casa Vale Beauty Salon which was an old A-Frame house converted into a salon, with big mirrors and swivel chairs in the front room and shampoo bowls in the old back bedroom. On the front porch was a fat little girl in a glittered-up Burger King crown, practicing her beauty queen acceptance speech and dreaming of being a star of the stage!

“That girl belongs on Broadway!” Joan Rivers

The Dallas Morning News just called Faye “simultaneously hip and down-home.  Her 90-minute performance recounts a series of delicious tales from Lane’s childhood and early career.” 

Admire presents in conjuntion with SC ENTERTAINMENT

Bio to cut and paste

FAYE LANE is a writer and performer whose unique blending of story and song
moved *New York Magazine* to gush, "She had them gobbling from the palm of
her hand. They were howling, crying, falling in love with her." She has won
the Moth Story Slam, hailed by *The Wall Street Journal* as "New York's
hottest, hippest literary ticket," in both New York and Los Angeles, and
her autobiographical stories can be heard on NPR's Cityscapes and The Moth
Radio Hour. *Faye Lane's Beauty Shop Stories*, a chronicle of her childhood
in a Texas beauty salon, was the recipient of the 2010 Overall Excellence
Award from the New York International Fringe Festival, 2011 Bistro
Award for Best Musical Comedy and the 2011 MAC Award for Outstanding
Special Production. The show is currently in it's second year of residence
at the legendary SoHo Playhouse in New York. Faye has performed around the
world, including at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival and the
Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.


 The Dallas Morning News just called Faye "simultaneously hip and down-home. 

Her 90-minute performance recounts a series

of delicious tales from Lane’s childhood and early career."

“That girl belongs on Broadway!” Joan Rivers

"Endearing and soaring voiced – a real standout" Backstage


“They were howling, crying, falling in love with her.” New York Magazine


"I would go see it, by all means. It's a great show!” Time Out NY


“A Texas rose that keeps on rising!” AOL’s City’s Best


"Fabulous and chic in black dress and cowboy boots, [Faye] still has the sparkly eyes of that precocious little girl in her bedazzled Burger King crown" D Magazine (Dallas, TX)

"In an ideal world, she and the show would win an award every day for the rest of her natural life."

"Put your faith in Faye Lane, one of New York’s most beloved and respected storytellers."  Show Business Weekly  

"Finding out how the dreams of a chubby outcast were achieved by the charming dish you see on the stage is what gives this solo performance its angel wings." Downtown Express

“A luminous storyteller and singer who will charm your socks off - and possibly give you a MoonPie to boot! Hilarious and unforgettable.”

“The hottest, sweetest, funniest, award winning show. This is why Broadway sometimes makes a star out of a solo performer.” The Villager

"A little show with a big heart, “Faye Lane’s Beauty Shop Stories” is an irresistible treat."

“Lane relates her journey with extraordinary wit, charm, and subtle power, resulting in a performance that's unforgettable.” Hy Reviews

"Hilarious stories" Faster Times

 "In a category of her own" Chelsea Now

 “Rich with characters and detail, she draws the audience into her world. We laugh and cry with her...” Bust Magazine

"An unexpected emotional journey of faith. The hour flew by and this reviewer left wanting more." Edge

Tammy Pescatelli


“When I was pregnant, my agent said, “Your career is over! I have never seen a pregnant woman on stage.” I said, ‘Apparently you have never been to a really bad strip club!’”.

Comedian  Tammy Pescatelli is the kind of woman you wish was your
sister or your best friend. Like a good sister, she‘s always ready with a good joke or lively quip. Tammy learned her funny skills growing up in a large, crazy, Italian family outside of Cleveland. She went on to marry into an even larger, crazier, Italian family and has a little boy that she named after her husband-’just to prepare for Alzheimer’s!”.

When people ask her – “Where do you get your material?“ Tammy famously replies, “I wake up!”.

Her most recent 1 hour special, “Finding the Funny” was released recently on NETLFIX. Her eye for actually finding the funny in all situations, is what is already bringing the project critical acclaim from fans and peers alike.

Tammy‘s recent reality series, A Stand Up Mother   (which she co-created, executive produced, wrote and starred in) on WEtv, documented her life as she balanced her family and her growing career with a lot of laughs.

Being one of the Final Five on NBC‘s “Last Comic Standing 2“ catapulted Tammy‘s career and won her a slew of new fans, solidifying her as one of the sharpest women in the comedy world. She just won “Comedy Central‘s Stand-Up Showdown”, and has appeared twice as a guest on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. She has also  recently appeared on BRAVO TV’s “Rocco’s Dinner Party”, CBS’s “The Talk”, Nickeloden’s “NICK Mom’s Night Out”,  TVGuide’s “Standup in Stilletoes”, FuelTV’s “Roast of Parks Bonifay”, NBC‘s “Last Comic Standing: The Best of the Best”,and Comedy Central‘s “The World Stands Up!”.

Tammy also appeared in her own half-hour special for Comedy Central, “Comedy Central Presents: Tammy Pescatelli.” She has made numerous appearance  on the CBC’s hit show,”The Debater’s”, as well as the “Jerry Lewis Telethon“. She has performed on “The Bonnie Hunt Show”,  “TBS‘s Evening at the Laugh Factory“, “Last Call with Carson Daly”, and has been a guest a number of times on the syndicated show “Comics Unleashed”, and was chosen for their “Best of the Best“ world wide top selling DVD! Tammy has also made more than 100+appearances on “talking head” shows on VH1, CMT, MTV, E!, A&E, REELS, TVGuide and many more.

She was also featured weekly as part of the “Fashion Police“
panel for US Weekly. And giving pros a run for their money in the poker
department, Tammy participated in the GSN poker series “Poker Royale:
Comedians vs. Pros”, finishing in second place after beating all of the comedians and all of the pro’s but one. A regular on USO Comedy tours, Tammy has entertained our troops all over the world.

She co-stars in the sleeper hit “Everybody Wants to Be Italian”, “Single“, and  in the award winning indie film  “Made in Brooklyn.”

On her previous album, IT IS WHAT IT IS, she used every bit of her experience to make us laugh about family, religion, and even politics (her sister-in-law thinks Al Qaeda is a guy from the neighborhood.)

Tammy currently tours the country promoting her latest comedy DVD, “Finding the Funny”.


NBC‘s “Last Comic Standing ,“Comedy Central‘s 2010 Stand-Up Showdown”, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”,BRAVO TV’s “Rocco’s Dinner Party”, CBS’s “The Talk”, Nickeloden’s “NICK Mom’s Night Out”,  TVGuide’s “Standup in Stilletoes”, FuelTV’s “Roast of Parks Bonifay”, NBC‘s “Last Comic Standing: The Best of the Best”,and Comedy Central‘s “The World Stands Up!”.

“Comedy Central Presents: Tammy Pescatelli.” ,”The Debater’s”,  “Jerry Lewis Telethon“, “The Bonnie Hunt Show”,  “TBS‘s Evening at the Laugh Factory“, “Last Call with Carson Daly”,  “Comics Unleashed”, VH1, CMT, MTV, E!, A&E, REELS, TVGuide and many more.

GE Smith


GE Smith is widely hailed as a modern master of the Telecaster.

  • 10 Years as the bandleader for Saturday Night Live
  • 6 Years with Hall and Oates.

He’s a fantastic musician, not only as a guitarist, but in the best general sense of the word. GE Smith has played with almost everybody, from locals to legends. His impeccably tasteful guitar work has graced dozens of hits, hundreds of sessions and thousands of gigs. He has played with every legend and has had numerous touring stints with Bob Dylan. In his intimate shows to full band shows to residencies this living legend will make your house rock!

Three Jokers



ANT: Host of Celebrity Fit Club, The Tonight Show, Comedy Central

MICHELE BALAN: Last Woman Standing from Last Comic Standing, Montreal Comedy Festival

JESSICA KIRSON: Last Comic Standing, Showtime, Tonight Show, Carson Daly, Winner - Funniest Female Comic New York City

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