Ladies of Laughter


Ladies of Laughter is a comedy tour featuring some of the funniest women in comedy today as chosen by audiences and entertainment industry executives at comedy clubs nationwide through the Ladies of Laughter Contest.   It includes comediennes who have appeared on The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, Women’s Entertainment Network, Nickelodeon, in national commercials and at top comedy clubs and casinos nationwide.  Our show is so popular we are invited back to many theaters year after year-some even 2 and 3 times a year! 

2018 ERIN JACKSON is named Ladies of Laughter Winner

The 2018 Winners in New York named Erin Jackson as the winner in the Professional category and Olga Namer in the Newcomer Division.  Carol Burnett was also honored with the first-ever LOL Spirit Award for her inspiration to women in comedy.  Past winners, Kelly MacFarland and Jane Condon were honored with LOL Spirit Awards for their support of so many women in the field.  

Ladies of Laughter originated in 1992 when the Mary Jo Comedy Award was established in honor of Mary Jo Wobker - a New York area comedy booker who supported many women just starting out in comedy.  Since then, it has launched the comedy careers of countless women and continues to serve as THE SOURCE for women in comedy.

Our Ladies include, Tammy Pescatelli, Jane Condon, Leighann Lord, Dena Blizzard, Amy Schumer, Chris Rich, Melissa Rauch, Jessica Kirson, Kelly MacFarland, Alycia Cooper and countless others.


Stand-up comedy is a tough job, but these ladies are at the top of their game!

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You were great and lit up the crowd full of comedic energy, I loved the acts of the 3 Women ( and the women were so funny they let me laugh and interact with them) I loved the entire show. Westchester  Community College, NY

The Ladies have been a goldmine for my box office, as well as a joy to work with.  We make money and our audiences are thrilled.  not too raunch, not too prim...just right!"  -Goodwill Theatre

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