About Admire

Admire Entertainment is an award-winning agency engaging audiences to build community.  We believe you can educate and be entertaining silmiltaneously. Our model uses comedy, lectures and specila events.  Admire Entertainment puts all of its well-honed skills to work to for you. We can offer you personalities who are already household names or  fast on their way to becoming well established.

Most important of all, we take our work as seriously as you take yours.

From the day Admire Entertainment started 25 years ago with only one artist and only one agent — yours truly Barbara Meyer — our goal has been to provide the type of outstanding service that would make any client proud of what was presented on his or her stage.

Today, we boast a roster of more than 40 clients who are exclusive to us, along with professional links to several other personalities. The agents and staff of Admire will listen, research and then properly service your show so that we may all bask in glowing reviews.

Speaking of that, the country’s colleges and universities voted Admire Entertainment “Agency of the Year” through The National Association for Campus Activities, while DuPont selected Admire to provide hands-on, day-to-day contact for a major ad campaign to enhance its company image. And when Ortho Pharmaceuticals looked to promote a new product line, Admire created a female comedy tour to support the launch.