Dana Eagle

Dana Eagle

Comedian and speaker on Mental Wellness


Dana has been seen on CBS’s The Late, Late ShowComedy Central, NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and Comics Unleashed.

DANA EAGLE is a COMEDIAN, AUTHOR, TV WRITER who also lives with bipolar disorder.

Using humor she debunks the stigma attached to mental illness.

After the past two years there are more and more reported cases of mental illness affecting students.

Students are quickly mainstreamed and yet their own individual issues cannot be overlooked.  How does one be sensitive to these students while still maintaining healthy relationships?

What does one as a friend, advocate, colleague, loved one need to know to be a help when a downward spin may occur.  Remember one is not defined by their diagnosis.  You are only ill when ill. 

In her comedic book HOW TO BE DEPRESSED: A GUIDE she uses her humor plus terms from psych 101 to open up the conversation on mental illness.

In her live presentation Dana will share her story of MENTAL WELLNESS and the tools she has used to be well.  She will talk with the audience candidly about the ups and downs and triggers of mental illness.

For those who struggle or know someone who struggles there are key signs and resources available.  She will share some of these resources (I.E. School counseling center, NAMI , local crisis center- provided by the school)