Taylor Morales

Taylor Morales


Parkland shooting survivor speaks for gun control change

Taylor was AWESOME! The students LOVED her, and she touched many lives. Her kindness, thoughtfulness, and knowledge made a difference today. Kathleen Sullivan Stephens, Ph.D., Coordinator, Honors Program, Richland College- Dallas TX

Taylor Morales, 19, has spent the last year reflecting on the changes in her life since surviving the Valentine’s Day shooting at her high school in Florida.

“I was only 17, I shouldn’t know the sound of gunshots as well as I do, I shouldn’t be able to recall the sight of bloody children laying still in my school’s hallway,” says Morales.

The Charleston loophole needs to be fixed and closed. Guns should be treated as cars: license, training, insurance. There should be a ban on buying in bulk and bump stocks. And the magazine capacity should be restricted.

Arming teachers is not the answer to school protection. Teachers are already underpaid for doing their actual job. It is not a teacher’s job to be trained to shoot a gun or take down a school shooter. Their job is to teach the youth of America.

Taylor is currently a university student in Florida.


After Parkland Taylor Morales on Gun Control