Cathy Ladman- NEVER explicit, ALWAYS funny!!

Ladman has such clever, well-written material and such a breezy, unassuming delivery that it would be easy to overlook just how good she is: Her act seems effortless.”  The Los Angeles Times

As soon as you hear Cathy you wish she lived next door to liven up your week.

The best way to get inside Cathy Ladman’s head is to see her live. Her comedy focuses on family, growing up, relationships, and real life from a very personal perspective.

One of the country’s top comedians, Ladman has appeared on “The Tonight Show” nine times. Other credits include: four appearances on “The Late Late Show,” HBO’s “One Night Stand”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, “Modern Family,” “Mad Men”, “King of Queens”, “Politically Incorrect”, “Comedy Central”.  

Her theatre credits include her solo show, “Does This Show Make Me Look Fat,” Off-Broadway’s “The JAP Show: The Princesses of Comedy as well as HBO’s “Scaredy pants” which premiered at the Aspen Comedy Festival.

In addition to her stand up show Cathy has an additional show to share with your audience.Does This Show Make Me Look Fat?For those who have the task of presenting real life issues on various issues of mental health: A funny and poignant show about her personal challenges she faced dealing with anorexia.
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Jan. 27, 2023.

Cathy Ladman (2nd from left) only comedian featured at National Comedy Center