Will your artists do radio and print interviews?

YES! We encourage you to work with your local media and set this up.

Do you have head shots and promo?

Each client has both high res and low res photos on their individual page on our site.   Some have posters you can download right to your printer with space to add all your particulars.

Is travel included in the fee?

Each artist is different, you will know right from the start if the fee you are quoted includes air, hotel and ground travel.  If an artist is “plus travel” you will get a copy of the travel document with the fee embedded.

Do you require a deposit?

All venues other than military and colleges must pay deposits.

Do you take credit cards?

Not at this time.  If you need to pay by “paypal” there is an additional fee.

Are your artists insured?

Some are some are not. All those that are interactive ie: Hypnosis and ice-breakers are. Some comics and speakers have insurance but most do not, and we will ask for a waiver if possible.

Do you accept Purchase orders instead of contracts?

Yes, from legit colleges, corporations and military.

Can we use our own contract instead of Admire’s?

Of course.  We will issue you a contract so we have all your inf. in our computer and you can put all the pertinent information in your contract and we will sign your version.