John Waters


“Life is nothing if you’re not obsessed.”
– John Waters

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John Waters will have a new book spring of 2022: LIARMOUTH is John’s first novel. Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Mr. Know-It-All ( a clip from CNN:…)

The Tarnished Wisdom of a Filth Elder- No one knows more about everything—especially everything rude, clever, and offensively compelling

His one man show: FALSE NEGATIVE is available for bookings. This is a pandemic update of his former event This Filthy World.

John Waters’ one man spoken-word lecture is performed at colleges, museums, film-festivals and comedy clubs around the world.  He has played to sold out audiences at the Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Bonnaroo, the Sydney Opera House, Volksbühne Berlin, and Southbank Centre in London.SOLD out POP MONTREAL!  Audiences in all languages love John Waters

John Waters is a man of many monikers:  The Prince of Puke, The Duke of Dirt, The Sultan of Sleaze.  Anyway you put it, John Waters is famed the world over for his trash epics including  “Pink Flamingos”, “Female Trouble”, “Desperate Living”, “Polyester”, “Serial Mom”, “Pecker”,  “Cecil B. Demented”, and “A Dirty Shame”.  Two of his more surprisingly commercial films have been adapted for the stage.  “Hairspray”, winner of eight Tony Awards and “Cry Baby – The Musical” nominated for four Tony Awards.   In the summer of 2007, “Hairspray” reinvented itself cinematically as a big-budget Hollywood movie starring John Travolta that became a smash hit worldwide. 

“FALSE NEGATIVE” is Waters’s rapid-fire one-man spoken word “vaudeville” act that celebrates the film career and joyously appalling taste of the man William Burroughs once called “The Pope of Trash”.  Updated and expanded from the original film version that enjoyed critical success at the Edinburgh, Toronto and Berlin Film Festivals. His live performances focus on Waters’s early negative artistic influences, his fascination with true crime, exploitation films, fashion lunacy, the extremes of the art world, Catholicism, sexual deviancy and a love of reading. CREDITS

Director Filmography

2004                A Dirty Shame 
2000                Cecil B. Demented
1998                Pecker
1994                Serial Mom
1990                Cry-Baby
1988                Hairspray
1981                Polyester
1977                Desperate Living
1974                Female Trouble
1972                Pink Flamingos
1970                Multiple Maniacs 
                       The Diane Linkletter Story
1969                Mondo Trasho
1967                Eat Your Makeup
1966                Roman Candles
1964                Hag in a Black Leather Jacket


2019 John Waters on CNN “Mr. Know It All”

John Waters on his SNL appearance

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2019 hartford Courant and Wadworth Antheneum