AnnaRose Einarsen – Hypnotist

The first and only woman hypnotist to headline a hypnosis show on the world-famous Las Vegas strip.

‘Best of Las Vegas Awards”

Mid-Western Values with Stunning Showbiz Pizzazz!

Under the Influence: in the best way possible!

Audiences can go “under the influence” of modern hypnotist AnnaRose in the ultimate showcase of the subconscious mind. Guaranteed to be the best show that audiences of all ages will want to sleep through; AnnaRose puts the cherry on top of her vivacious spirit with comedy and mental mystique.

As a child growing up in Iowa, AnnaRose aspired to be a spy, a businesswoman, AND a Spice Girl. Today, her career has unfolded to include the most exciting elements of her childhood visions. 

While earning a degree in International Studies, AnnaRose also loved psychology, the the power of the mind. She took that new found love for psychological intrigue, adventure, and mystery and turned it into rockstar show.

In conjunction with being a top-tier performer in the variety entertainment industry, she is also trained in clinical hypnotherapy. Her experience and qualifications make her a master of subliminal suggestion, influence, subconscious, reprogramming, and mental conditioning. Her dynamic nature is exhibited further by her ability to personalize the show to gain the likeness of diverse audiences.

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