Faye Lane

Beauty Shop Stories
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Faye Lane’s Beauty Shop Stories

wins the prestigious

Bistro Award for Musical Comedy!

Officially published! Her flight attendant story is featured in the book The Moth, which was released by Hyperion on Tuesday.

Faye Lanes “Beauty Shop Stories”. It’s  the glittered-up memories of a  Green Bean Queen in bedazzling story and song! Rhonda Faye Gunnels grew up in her mama’s beauty shop, Casa Vale Beauty Salon which was an old A-Frame house converted into a salon, with big mirrors and swivel chairs in the front room and shampoo bowls in the old back bedroom. On the front porch was a fat little girl in a glittered-up Burger King crown, practicing her beauty queen acceptance speech and dreaming of being a star of the stage!

“That girl belongs on Broadway!” Joan Rivers

The Dallas Morning News just called Faye “simultaneously hip and down-home.  Her 90-minute performance recounts a series of delicious tales from Lane’s childhood and early career.” 

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FAYE LANE is a writer and performer whose unique blending of story and song
moved *New York Magazine* to gush, “She had them gobbling from the palm of
her hand. They were howling, crying, falling in love with her.” She has won
the Moth Story Slam, hailed by *The Wall Street Journal* as “New York’s
hottest, hippest literary ticket,” in both New York and Los Angeles, and
her autobiographical stories can be heard on NPR’s Cityscapes and The Moth
Radio Hour. *Faye Lane’s Beauty Shop Stories*, a chronicle of her childhood
in a Texas beauty salon, was the recipient of the 2010 Overall Excellence
Award from the New York International Fringe Festival, 2011 Bistro
Award for Best Musical Comedy and the 2011 MAC Award for Outstanding
Special Production. The show is currently in it’s second year of residence
at the legendary SoHo Playhouse in New York. Faye has performed around the
world, including at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival and the
Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.CREDITS

 The Dallas Morning News just called Faye “simultaneously hip and down-home.

Her 90-minute performance recounts a series

of delicious tales from Lane’s childhood and early career.”

“That girl belongs on Broadway!” Joan Rivers

“Endearing and soaring voiced – a real standout” Backstage

“They were howling, crying, falling in love with her.” New York Magazine

“I would go see it, by all means. It’s a great show!” Time Out NY

“A Texas rose that keeps on rising!” AOL’s City’s Best

“Fabulous and chic in black dress and cowboy boots, [Faye] still has the sparkly eyes of that precocious little girl in her bedazzled Burger King crown” D Magazine (Dallas, TX)

“In an ideal world, she and the show would win an award every day for the rest of her natural life.” Nitelifeexchange.com

“Put your faith in Faye Lane, one of New York’s most beloved and respected storytellers.”  Show Business Weekly  

“Finding out how the dreams of a chubby outcast were achieved by the charming dish you see on the stage is what gives this solo performance its angel wings.” Downtown Express

“A luminous storyteller and singer who will charm your socks off – and possibly give you a MoonPie to boot! Hilarious and unforgettable.” BestNewYorkComedy.com

“The hottest, sweetest, funniest, award winning show. This is why Broadway sometimes makes a star out of a solo performer.” The Villager

“A little show with a big heart, “Faye Lane’s Beauty Shop Stories” is an irresistible treat.” TheaterLife.com

“Lane relates her journey with extraordinary wit, charm, and subtle power, resulting in a performance that’s unforgettable.” Hy Reviews

“Hilarious stories” Faster Times

 “In a category of her own” Chelsea Now

 “Rich with characters and detail, she draws the audience into her world. We laugh and cry with her…” Bust Magazine

“An unexpected emotional journey of faith. The hour flew by and this reviewer left wanting more.” Edge


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